Revolution Infosystems

E-Commerce Portal

Online Shopping Portal is web based application just like Online retail shop where user can search, buy, shortlist, purchase products or services. Revolution Infosystems provides built in scripts for online shopping portals or e shop management software's those can be used by retailers to establish the shops online. Revolution Infosystems online shopping portal not only handle the customer facilities but also provides state of art back office application which used to deliver the product to the buyer with stock and other details.


  • Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, products and options.
  • Customers comments on products
  • Arranging products according to cost, relevance, publication, etc Products
  • Products and accessories packs
  • Addition of any guide page to products pages
  • Wish list Facility to send the wish list by email
  • Manufacturer's Suppliers and brands management
  • Send to a friend characteristic
  • Advantage of cross Selling
  • Registration and private accounts of Customers
  • Password Reminder feature for Customers.
  • Order status management by email Facility
  • Reliability system (points) Customer referral program
  • Newsletter opt-in Follow up of customers
  • Providing coupons to best customers and the one already ordered
  • Customer Follow-ups
  • Birthday gifts to customers
Order Management
  • Real time consultation of formed carts
  • Predefined checking orders messages
  • Facility to order products out of stock
  • Totaling returned products in stocks
  • Print invoices, packing slips and UPS shipping labels
  • Fractional slips and refund Refunds.
  • Coupons on categories, with a lowest.
  • Facility of discounts such as fix amount, percents.
  • Numerous payment selections: credit cards, check, bank transfer, pay on delivery.
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal connected
  • Built-in support for Money bookers
  • Built-in support for Hipay
  • Limitless carriers and destinations
  • Carriers concerned to definite zones or states
    Order shipped confirmation email
  • Store pick-up Configurable managing charges
    Delivery fees billing by cost or weight
  • Product support for different package
  • Different delivery or billing addresses
  • Online viewers Visits and visitors Sales and orders
  • Accounts and profiles of customers
  • Visitors tools like browser Catalog statistics, conversion rate for each class
  • Statistics of products
  • Researched Keywords Best products, coupons, categories, suppliers
  • Statistics for newsletter, Carriers
  • Shop search Statistics per member
  • Complete combination by Google Analytics
  • Google Charts visualization
Web / Website Protal
  • Simple template customization JQuery
    cart JQuery/Alias search
  • Customized homepage with text and pictures
  • On-Off just by one click Characterized
    products on the homepage
  • Facility to add advertisements Presentation of new products
  • Capacity to incorporate Google Adsense
  • Customizable favicon Breadcrumb
  • Numerous recipient contact form
  • Facility of bookmark by just one click
  • Choice for currency/Language
  • Showing products in the same group
  • Exhibiting best sellers
  • Display the cart content and products grouping
  • Promotions and Footer links display
  • Guidelines of last purchase date or addition in cart on products pages
  • Displaying total customer’s account
    (about details, orders, slip, etc.)
  • Presentation of products
  • Facility of making modules
Administration / Back Office
  • Appropriate aid in the Back-Office
  • Customizable Back-Office or shortcuts Essential search in the
  • Back-Office Several users management,
    and permissions (ACL) Upholding mode
  • Partial or full backup for database Automatic
    generation of .htaccess/robots.txt files
  • Email Gateway configuration
  • Products indexation
  • Live news from Online shopping portal in the
  • Back-office Account management
  • SMS alerts if any from inventory, new order, etc.
  • Out of stock e-mail alerts
  • Export of the newsletter listed e-mails