Revolution Infosystems

Cloud Application Development

Developing and running applications and programs off the cloud can be costly, complex and cumbersome. Not only do systems operating outside of the cloud offer a limited scope of use, they also restrict the number of machines that can access the network and the amount of data you can store. They also require an entire team to manage the system, which represents a significant cost to your company. However, in recent years we have seen an increasing number of companies make the smart move to cloud application development. Today, these companies are building new programs and systems that leverage and unleash the power of the cloud.
Revolution Infosystems has expertise in cloud application development using Windows Azure Platform Services, SQL Azure. We have expertise and infrastructure using which we can design and develop the clouds applications and migrating existing applications to cloud.
Windows Azure provide a rich platform for developing and deploying SaaS and IT applications on the cloud. Our skilled Azure architects and developers possess a thorough knowledge of Windows Azure Compute, Data, App and Network services and communication protocols such as SOAP, REST & XML. The Silicus team can help develop pure-cloud or hybrid applications.

    Our services include:
  • Windows Azure Migration.
  • Azure Web Development.
  • Azure .NET Development.
  • Azure Mobile Development.
  • Hybrid Azure Application.
  • Azure Professional Services.
  • Azure Managed Service.

Why Revolution Infosystems?

  • Reduction of software development costs.
  • Separate Portals for monitoring Outsourced Project Development.
  • SMS / Email Based Development Report Process.
  • Customer Development Manager Responsible for Managing Process.
  • Technically and Economically Feasible.
  • Exact According to Customer Requirements.
  • 100% Quality Assured.
  • Customized Software Applications.
  • Technically and Economically Feasible Applications.
  • Exact According to Customer Requirements.
  • 100% Quality Assured.

  •      We use both model-based as well as non-model-based approaches through different frameworks. Some of the silent and key features of our custom software development approach are:
  • Planned Requirement Gathering Process.
  • Structured methodologies and Frameworks.
  • Highly Distinguished Quality Process.
  • Process-Oriented development methodology.
  • Well Documented Application.
  • User manuals.