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WPF Development

Normally known as ‘Avalon’, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a graphical subsystem. The primary purpose of WPF is to ease the process of multifunctional application development An interesting fact about WPF is that it is a consistent model for developing applications and offers a clear-cut distinction between business logic and user interface.

Benefits of WPF:

Advantages of WPF (version 3.5) include the following-

Adaptability to any Screen Resolution

One of the greatest benefits of WPF is that it can run perfectly even on a low resolution screen. It comes with in-built DirectX components that allow vector-based images to opt for a sophisticated appearance.


With help of the WPF framework, users can synchronize UI element with data source.


WPF allows interoperability with Windows API.

Declarative Programming

WPF offers declarative programming – A unique feature that allows users to point out their preferences, rather than highlighting the list of operations the system must implement for fulfilling the goal.

Beautiful Graphics

WPF comes with a ViewPort 3D element that displays images in a 3D window.

Our WPF Development Services

We, at Revolution Infosystems, offer an extensive range of WPF Development services. Such services include-

  • Combining rich Internet applications with WPF.
  • Integrating audio and video with Windows media streaming.
  • UI design and WPF application.
  • Integrating WPF functionality into a website for greater interactivity.
  • WPF based consultation services.
  • WPF game development.
  • WCF application development.
  • Customized WPF datagrid and WCF applications.
  • WCF service applications.
  • WCF development services and consultation.

Our Unique Features

Solid Experience

As an established software development company, we have years of experience in WPF and WCF programming services. We have worked for clients who had varied requirements, thus encouraging us to think differently. Furthermore, our exposure to different industries over the years has helped us to refine our services further and offer better solutions to our global clients.

Skilled Expertise

Apart from being experienced, our WPF developers are skilled as well. More specifically, they are well-acquainted with Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft Visual Studio Express. They have also developed projects that utilized Microsoft Silverlight.

Strict Maintenance of Confidentiality

We take privacy of our clients very seriously and never reveal sensitive or any other information to any third-party. At our company, we have strong confidential rules that we maintain in any situation