Revolution Infosystems

Clinic Management Software

Clinic Management Software will help the clinics and small hospital to manage and record their day to day activities. Which contains facilities those can be combined used by doctor and front office to work together? This manages all activates from the patient registration to payment.
Clinic Management Software also generates various receipts those can be used to find daily collection, treatments and other patient information. Clinic software designed and developed by Revolution Infosystems is suitable for single doctor or a group of doctors working in same clinic or working in multiple clinics. It is the simplest to use clinical software incorporating all processes within a practice such as electronic medical records (EMR), Prescription Writing, Drugs Database, Practice Management, Statistical Reports, Financial accounting and more. Clinic Management Software is extremely flexible & customizable software to suit requirements of Doctors from any Specialty. It has two separate sections-
1.Front Desk (Reception)
Revolution Infosystem's clinic management software also has a facility to delegate authorities of the data entry from doctor to front desk, front desk to doctor.


Front Desk

  • Patient Registration.
  • Patient Appointment.
  • Billing and Receipt.
  • Next Appointment and History.
  • Allergies and Tests.
  • Doctor Schedule / Calendar.
  • Multiple Doctor/ Queue Management.


  • View Patient Details.
  • View Patient History.
  • Previous Prescriptions.
  • Patient Problems and Progress.
  • Define Charges.
  • Cancel Appointments.
  • Availability Define Calendar.
  • View Daily Collection.


  • Patient wise History.
  • Test / Investigation Report.
  • Payment and Billing History.
  • Daily Collection.
  • Certificates.


  • Certificate Types.
  • Certificate Fees.
  • Certificate Requests.
  • Certificate Payments.