Revolution Infosystems

Hospital ERP Software

Today's Health care System tends to become more and more complex day by day as it grows from single consultant to multi specialist and panel treatments with high tech infrastructure and patient care systems. To manage the growing business demand any Heath care Institute needs a proper information system with set of planed activities and coordination between various departments of the Hospital. Health, Medical & Hospital ERP System to help automate manual processes as well as simplify reporting and reduces costs. Hospital Management Software - ERP with Complete integration to hospital processes. ERP Applications helping healthcare providers.

Hospital ERP software provided by Revolution Infosystems designed with following objectives -
  • Efficient Management of Hospital.
  • Improve work Efficiency.
  • Improved Fiscal Control.
  • Automating Day to day Activities.
  • On click MIS Reports.
  • Full information about vital state of the hospital.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy user interface.

Hospital ERP Software is product developed by Revolution Infosystems suitable for small to multi specialty hospitals. It helps the hospital to manage their day to day activities.



  • Patient Registration.
  • Patient History.
  • Patient Diagnosis.
  • Doctor Management.
  • Doctor Payment.
  • Appointment Management.
  • Billing and Payments.
  • Employee/User Management.
  • OtherExpense Management.
  • Reports.


  • Patient Management.
  • Doctor Management.
  • Admission / Registration Management.
  • Room/Bed/Ward Management.
  • Service Charges Configuration.
  • Service Charges Algorithm.
  • Doctor Payment Service Charges Management.
  • Test and Test Charges Management.
  • Lab rotary Management.
  • Staff & staff shift Management.
  • Doctor Payments.
  • Hospital Expense Management.
  • Discharge Card Printing and Discharge Management.
  • User Management with Log.
  • Discount Configuration.
  • Insurance / Legal document Management.

Laboratory Management

  • Lab Definition (X-Ray, Pathology, City Scan etc).
  • Test and Test Configurations.
  • Test Charges Configuration.
  • Test Request and Test Report (IPD).
  • Purchase or Maintenance Request.
  • Report Printing and History Management.

Medical Store/ Pharmacy Management

  • Catalog Management.
  • Billing and Payment.
  • Purchase and Stock Management.
  • Dispose and Defect Management.
  • Stock Expiry Reminders.
  • Daily Reports.
  • Hospital Issue and Return (IPD).

Ambulance and Vehicle Management

  • Ambulance / Vehicle Purchase.
  • Trip and Route Management.
  • Petrol and Other Expenses.
  • Servicing and Maintained Management.
  • Insurance and Claim Management.
  • Driver Shift and Assignment.

Doctor Module

  • Services configuration.
  • Schedule and Session Configuration.
  • Appointment Management.
  • Treatment Record Definition.
  • Patient History Management.

HRM & Payroll

  • Job /Requirement Management.
  • Appointment and Shift Management.
  • Attendance and Leave Management.
  • Hospital Calendar Definition.
  • Salary Configuration / Salary slip.
  • Salary Payments.
  • Bonus / Increment Management.
  • Overtime Definition and Payment.
  • Termination and Registration.
  • Recruitment Agency Management.

Purchase and Inventory

  • Stock Inward Management.
  • Stock Outward Management.
  • Stock Level Management.
  • Stock Alarms Management.
  • Disposal and Defect Management.
  • Supplier Management.
  • Purchase Request and Approval.
  • PO Management.
  • PO Payments and Bills.
  • Delivery Challan.
  • Purchase Reporting.
  • Transfer to Store/ Inventory.

Doctor / Nursing Module

  • Daily Treatment Record (IPD / ICU).
  • Broking and Request.
  • Procedure Record.
  • OT Record.
  • Equipment Uses Record.

Blood Bank

  • Source Configuration.
  • Stock Management.
  • IPD Blood Issue.
  • ICU Blood Issue.
  • Surgery Blood Issue.
  • Blood Stock.
  • Blood Outward.
  • Blood Inward.

Administration & Internal Messaging

  • Rules and Regulations.
  • Notices and Updates.
  • Internal Message Configuration.
  • Stock Alarms Management.
  • Messaging Rules.
  • Tenders and Service Contracts.
  • Expenses (Other Expenses) Management.

Management Module / MIS Reports

  • Management.
  • Huge Reporting Module.
  • Collection Reports.
  • Expenses Reports.
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Store and Stock Reports.
  • Meetings Configuration/ Notification.


  • Web Based Application.
  • Cloud / Stand Alone Installation.
  • Supports Multiple Hospitals.
  • Innovative and Easy to Use Interface.
  • Multiple Currency Support.
  • Huge MIS Reporting.
  • Quick decision making.
  • Easy access to reports.
  • Comprehensible reports.
  • Integrated with in-patient/outpatient registration, wards and billing modules.
  • Request can also be made from various points.
  • Internal Message Communication.
  • User wise Log Reports.
  • Multi Tier Application with Web Based Interface.